Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ghost Rider

Nicolas Cage takes the character of young Johny Blaze who will become the Ghost Rider in this film.His boyhood life,love and romance and his aims are shown shortly in the first scenes.After several years he lost contact with his lover.He want to make big achievement to cross the number of helicopters by driving the bike on air.He got success in that attempt.

Later and before that achievement,he needed to do another task as Ghost Rider.He refusing few times.But later the situations are dragging him to become Ghost Rider who will conquer the evils.Ghost Rider times are happening while the evils strike back.He facing many enemies and even the local legal authorities are chasing him.He finally destructing all of the evil forces with his powers.

Special effects during the appearance of Ghost Rider are fantastic.Particularly when the Ghost Rider driving his bike against the big building and fighting at the roof of that building and revolving/driving the bike across the river side are great.I didn't observed whether the Ghost Rider identity revealed to the public or not.It was only known to his lover.

For the action movie fans and super hero enthusiasts this movie will not dissapoint them.All of the special effects are eye catching and made very realistic.