Sunday, February 14, 2010


From the past memory of hundred year old lady Rose Dawson Clavert(Starring Kate Winslet),the story begins after researching the sunken ship of Titanic in the last century.An artist named Jack(Starring Leonordo Dicarpio was curious to travel in that mega ship without knowing the future disaster.

At the ship,Jack met Rose in her sucide attempt and saves her.But the soldiers misunderstanding him that it as the attempt to rape her.Rose solve them with positive statement.Their intimate love and romance begins in several places.But the wealthy family of Rose and her fiance'(Billy Zane) don't accept it.

Her fiance'(Caledon Cal starred by Billy Zane) charged a theft of jewellery against innocent Jack.Jack arrested and sent into imprisonment.This time,the ship meets its disaster.Rose rescues Jack from that cell.They run to safe places.But her fiance' chases them with a gun.

The final movements comes to even worse.Most of the lives in the ship lost due to damged ship.Only a lifeboat comes to rescue Jack and Rose.But in the final stage only Rose can survivor in that environment.

The Captain of the ship shown very honest at the final movements .Frozen body of Jack while sinking inside the ocean is miserable.This film got 11 Oscar Awards also this film is worth to many awards.

Rating: 4.2/5.0

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