Monday, February 15, 2010


I watched the animated series of this jungle king Tarzan.But in the series,they showed few details about Tarzan's child life and past memories.In this whole film,they revealed about Tarzan,where did he came from,who are his fathers and how he become the jungle man etc.

A young couple(Tarzan's father and mother) came to the coastal area after facing the ship damages.Their life become tragedy by the cruel animals such as leopards etc.But Tarzan rescued by the female guerilla and it becomes his step mother.The leader of the guerilla do not recognize Tarzan.

During boyhood stage,Tarzan makes so many animals as his close friends.His adventures and joyful life are going fine.When he attains the adult hood,the young Jane and his father came to jungle for animals research.When Tarzan meet Jane few times,they fell in love.Also Tarzan saves Jane and his father during dangerous situations.

Assistant of Janes' father making jealous of Tarzan because Tarzan attracted Jane.Tarzan facing many enemies such as that cruel assistant,the big guerilla leader and leopards etc.At the end of the movie,Jane and his father decided to return to their country.But the love between Tarzan and Jane joining them at they become couple in the jungle.

Particulary children will like this film very much.The funny moments in boyhood stage of Tarzan will make joy among all audience.

Rating: 3.8/5.0