Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Incredibles

Super hero movie which shows about not only the Super hero/heroine,here they showed a family of Super Heros!.Each family member having unique super hero skills and techniques.Rapid conversation between the family members makes this film sometimes difficult to understand.But the action speaks everything.That is wonderful!

Until the final action,the baby's powers are not revealed.I correctly pointed the real face of the villain who was appeared as a boy during the title.

Dash's fast running is very amazing.His mother and sister's skills are also better.The head of the family member who was locked inside is not acceptable.There also he meet a affectionate mate!

This film sometimes appears as parody to the superheroes.But most of the time,the story lines and action are very eager to watch.Colorful animation with ongoing fast action makes this movie best for all type of audience.

Rating 4.1/5.0

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Demolition Man

Sylvester Stallone as a good cop beats bad guys and rescue innocent without concerning about the material damages.The name "Demolition Man" correctly fits his character.Later Wesley snipes turns in to the demolition man.
Years of imprisonment inside the iceberg is hard to imagine.Conversation between Sandra bullock and Stallone is very interesting and funny.

While traveling with Sandra,Stallone astonished that Arnold Schwarzenegger is the current president!!What a great imagination.Throughout the film,the action scenes and funny conversations makes the film better choice to view it interestingly.

Most of the scenes are taken at dark setting,there is nowhere to see the day light.AT last,he saves the city people along with rebels.This film not only for Stallone fans,anyone who interested in watching action/futuristic genre,this film is the best to see.

Rating 4.0/5.0

Monday, October 10, 2011


'The Rock'Dwayne Johnson appears as strict command to his team which goes to finish the horrific creatures.I heard that the game version of Doom was contains horror & vibrating sound effects.This film doesn't have astonishing sound effects.Instead,it makes the audience to be interested in chasing the creatures.

Sending the team via a bubble like teleportation device is not believale.They can sent the team via the space shuttle may be realistic.Terrific actions and images of zombies are played good.

At final stage,The Rock turns into the horrific creature is not acceptable for me.This time,his colleague(Karl Uban) turns to be hero.The Rock's actions particularly his arm moves throughout the film are interested to see his next moves.

First person shooter game is potrayed good in this film.This horror action film will be liked by many type of audience from WWE /Actin film fans to game players

Rating 4.1/5.0

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Batman Vs Dracula

Here ,Batman fight against the paranormal creature who was returned to earth by Batman's enemies.The Dracula wants to change all the people in Gotham City to vampires and also to restore his lover's soul.Batman initially detects the Dracula's activities and stop him at the appropriate time.

When trying to imprison the Joker and finding the Dracula's cave there's much enthusiasm will arise inside the audience.Sound effects are perfectly matched for the actions.There is a absent of humor in this film.Only action and detection takes place from starting to end.

The Dracula's different characteristics and Batman's gadgets to locate the villains are better showed.There is lack of romance between Batman and Vikki Vale.I think that Batman's cave was only breached by this Dracula.No villains did it.Final action can be enlarged more.

Kids and younger audience,particularly Batman fans will love this film to see again.Suitable for all type of audience for seeing the Batman in action.

Rating 4.0/5.0

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Last Samurai

Tom Cruise starred in a different cultural role in this film.Here ,he doesn't shows charming western character.He immersed in the Japanese Samurai culture throughout the film.Japanese people are showed as very friendly,acceptable and affectionate.

Battles between the Samurai people and their traitors are less violent than other Samurai films.In the final fight,I expected that the Samurai warriors will win the battle.But,they failed and Tom Cruise caught as POW,later he released.

Background music rightly fit with the action and emotional scenes.After watched the film,I can't forget the Samurai warriors.They are very noble in their country.They can also showed other martial arts from Japan.

Action & period film lovers can see the Japanese culture and people from this film.Perfect film for all types of audience.

Rating 4.6/5.0

Friday, October 7, 2011

Termintator Salvation

Unlike the previous three prequels,this film is very different which takes us to future.Two men(Christian Bale & Sam Worthington) are committed to save the extinct humanity from the machines.

Here also,they require a special guy for the future task to terminate the machines.The actions and background music are not excellent as in the previous films.The terminators introduced here are not very intelligent as in T-1,2&3 releases.

They showed extinct human race and destroyed cities which is unlikely to see for me.Instead they can showed the destroyed and developed cities concurrently.Arnold who is the main hero in the prequels is came & went within few minutes.

If you are a Arnold fan who wants much action as in the last terminator series,this will disappoint you.You can only watch the course of story with not much action.Viewers of action genre may like this film or not.

Rating 2.8/5.0

Thursday, October 6, 2011

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

After the releases of three X-Men film series,this film explains the past life of Wolverine.In the title scenes,Wolverine and his enemey(Victor Creed)are introduced from their childhood to adulthood.The battle scenes of American Freedom Struggle/Civil War,World War are must to watch.They are excellent.

For the current audience in mind,they showed the battle field of middle east in the starting of the film.Logan's past life in the cartoon series is not matching much here.His love life is not much affectionate.In the final scenes also there is lack of love.

Final battle between the three in the last scene is packed with eye-catching actions.Introduction of Gambit is not very pleasant surprise to me.Because this Gambit much more different than Comics/Cartoon series.He aides Logan after the final battle.

When the comics/cartoon series fans watching this movie,they may be less satisfied.Because,this film lacking the special mutant skills of Logan,Gambit and others.For the X-Men fans this film is good to see for their love with the X-Characters.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Kung FU Hustle

There are much more Kung-Fu movies released in the past,which are action or comedy oriented.This film contains both.First 3/4 hour there is a lot of comedy and past memories of Stephen Chow.Later it is packed with much more action for Kung-Fu fans.

Initially,Stephen Chow comes as a stranger.I thinked that he is a sub-actor in this film.Later he becomes the mainstream hero of the entire film.Violent scenes in classical Bruce-Lee films are avoided here for non-adult audience.Background music upon the fight scenes are interesting to hear.

Villain is also not appearing a cruel/violent guy first.Later,he shows his talents against the other masters.Finally the film suggests peace to the audience instead of fighting with others.

The Chinese voice not matching for their lip movements.That is the mistake,I can point here.I suggest to the action movie lovers,this is the great film to see alone or with like minded people.