Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Mummy Returns

Based on the spin off of Scorpion King and previous villain Imhotep appeared in The Mummy this film also sets with previous avatar of Evelyn.The chasing scene at the London museum by Mummy soldier made better and it does not look adventurous. An airship with pilot Izzy and Ardeth Bay shown as good guys to help the Frasers group.This time Brendan doesnot come with alone but his family and some friends also with him.

In the middle fight between two ladies and final revenge are set to equal.The final battle between Imhotep and Rick are hilarious which is the must see part of this movie.Arrival of Scorpion King with some terrific action and fall of King by Osiris make his as villainous look.

But in later film Scorpion King showned as the good emperor.
The fight between Ardeth soldiers and Mummies are not so good.The word from Ardeth "Till Death" shows their confidence to defeat them. Anyhow this film want to fullfil hunger of previous Mummy audience and doesnot contain a good story.

Rating: 3.0/5

Saturday, August 9, 2008

30 Days of Night

While Alaska becoming the dark from certain days,the evil vampires want to aggresse the land with bloody killings.This is the short beginning story of this film.

Eben Oleson, the sheriff of Alaska investigates some murders and crimes.He finds murderers and arrest a stranger who speaks about the vampires.

Some people who cannot leave Alaska were stayed with the help of sheriff in that list Eben's ex-lover Stella Olesan also included.They talks less about each other and remaining parts of movie contains horror actions and thrill sound effects.

At the end of the movie Eben self destructs himself to kill the five vampires.This is not necessary to end the movie.They can be killed all of those people.
There are lot of holes in this movie as they are
1) Where did the vampires came from?
2)How did they know about the telecommunications and power supply on the state?
3)Again they will come to revenge next year?
Some differences are also on
wikipedia source.
Good horror movie with bloody violence.
Rating: 2.5/5