Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Mummy Returns

Based on the spin off of Scorpion King and previous villain Imhotep appeared in The Mummy this film also sets with previous avatar of Evelyn.The chasing scene at the London museum by Mummy soldier made better and it does not look adventurous. An airship with pilot Izzy and Ardeth Bay shown as good guys to help the Frasers group.This time Brendan doesnot come with alone but his family and some friends also with him.

In the middle fight between two ladies and final revenge are set to equal.The final battle between Imhotep and Rick are hilarious which is the must see part of this movie.Arrival of Scorpion King with some terrific action and fall of King by Osiris make his as villainous look.

But in later film Scorpion King showned as the good emperor.
The fight between Ardeth soldiers and Mummies are not so good.The word from Ardeth "Till Death" shows their confidence to defeat them. Anyhow this film want to fullfil hunger of previous Mummy audience and doesnot contain a good story.

Rating: 3.0/5

Saturday, August 9, 2008

30 Days of Night

While Alaska becoming the dark from certain days,the evil vampires want to aggresse the land with bloody killings.This is the short beginning story of this film.

Eben Oleson, the sheriff of Alaska investigates some murders and crimes.He finds murderers and arrest a stranger who speaks about the vampires.

Some people who cannot leave Alaska were stayed with the help of sheriff in that list Eben's ex-lover Stella Olesan also included.They talks less about each other and remaining parts of movie contains horror actions and thrill sound effects.

At the end of the movie Eben self destructs himself to kill the five vampires.This is not necessary to end the movie.They can be killed all of those people.
There are lot of holes in this movie as they are
1) Where did the vampires came from?
2)How did they know about the telecommunications and power supply on the state?
3)Again they will come to revenge next year?
Some differences are also on
wikipedia source.
Good horror movie with bloody violence.
Rating: 2.5/5

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lion King 1 1/2_Review

Lion King 1 1/2_Review

Two unseperable disney characters Timon and Pumbaa share their stories with the viewers.
In this film the director merged some events of the main film "The Lion King".Timon's sad boyhood career showed and how he expelled from that place are revealed.Accidental meeting of Pumbaa made them as " Made for each other".

Rafiki told a good concise phrase as "Hakunamatat".They don't understand what is the meaning of this.When they enjoys themself "It means no worries".Finally the film ends with good music and some sound effects of Hakunamata.

Good film for any audience .Sound effects,story and graphics are great.

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Rating: 4.0/5

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

In the Line of Fire_ Review

In the Line of Fire_ Review

First scene itself having the normal Frank Horrigan (Clint Eastwood) to rescue his friend.Then they showned as US Secret Service agents.The working experience of Frank Horrigan having some historical events such JFK murder case.

The pretty introduction of Lilly Cairnes (Rene Russo) and the phrase by Frank ,"I know things about people" are nice.John Malkovich shown in various names such as Booth and Jame Carney and the terror guy also.His plan to assascinate the President and clear talking to Mr.Horrigan are attractable.

Historical error made by Mr.Frank and experiences with some U.S Presidents' shown somewhere.The face changing scene of Mr.James Carney and looking as the professional guy in the meeting were fine.

When the time rolling,Mr.Frank finding and correcting the historical error and settling a fight with Booth were good.Then Russo joined to Frank and the phrase now changes into "Pigeons".Final sentences on telephone having good talks by Mr.Booth or by anyone.

Throughout this film the detection of terror guy not done excluding climax.Frank Horrigan shown as the honest person for his service.Lilly's affection and Frank's some expectation on her joining them at the final.Whole part of this movie directed and acted very good.

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Rating: 4.0/5

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Sentinel_Review

The Sentinel_Review

Controversial friendship between Pete (Micheal Douglas) and Dave (Kiefer Sutherland) showed nicely.
Pete plans like a smart guy who can avoid the danger to the President.Eva Langoria and Kim Basinger were true to themselves not having any affair on them about the upcoming danger.Pete tracks the every moment of the terrorist which was so exciting.

Dave does not understand his friend who know him more than ten years.But how did they managed their friendship? Does their organisation gave some conflicts over them? After escaping from his home Pete gathering more information about the threat.Also he hiding from the Secret Service agents.Good role!.Dave having the affection on Pete so he help on his escape on the shoot scene.Turing point come at the final action scene.
After some killings on both sides (i.e Terrorists Vs Guardians) Pete and Dave rescues the President of US.Pete's thinking and action are marvelous.
Every fan of Micheal Douglas and Kiefer Sutherland must watch this film.

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Rating: 3.5/5

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Kill Bill Vol.2 _Review

In previous vol.1 ,The Bride finished two bad guys.Now she want to revenge all five of them.I expected that this will having lot of bloody violence.But that was not happened.

The Bride( Uma thurman) past things explained as good beginning.She and Bill (David Carradin) were talked good,but why did he does like that.Whether Bill want ot marry her? Bill's statement about that massacre event explained later.

When she entering to the house of Budd (Micheal Madson) and shot by the gun which is the sad thing.She remember inside the casket about her past training on Japan.Then she rise from the sand and walk for the revenge.Next day Budd was killed by the Elle Driver( Daryl Hannah).Here Elle having the good face and bad intentions.

An unexpected action happen this time that Elle and The Bride meet face to face.This is the only violent scene in this movie.When The Bride picks the last eye of Elle ,this is also unexpected for me.The climax is not good as in the previous Vol.1.

Unanticipated event that took athe last scene.Bill's cautious thinking was wonderful.The death of Bill is not good, it can be very cruel.In this movie more story told such as why she takes this revenge and her journey to find bad guys.
Must watch for those viewed the previous Vol.1.Two volumes of one movie which is splitted is the nice idea.
If you want to watch it take here on DVD.

Rating: 4.0/5

The Scorpion King_Review

The Scorpion King_Review

One of the WWE's Wrestling legend, The Rock's first film really rocks.Mathayas (The Rock) first comes with a good action packed scene and rescues his colleagues.

He taking the project to kidnap the girl(Kelly Hu) who says the future events.The villain having that girl (Kelly Hu)and he want to rule the entire world .On thing I want to question at this point,whether the villain having the power to defeat all over the world or by predictions of Kelly?

In the kidnapping scene some friends of Mathayas captured by army.They were killed and Mathayas only released by the help of Kelly.Why did she rescue him?she knows only he can defeat the villain?.I don't know they this story in this film.

Kelly Hu dressed like a miser girl.It does not appeal like a queen of that kingdom.Mathayas takes some battles,one of the most notable fight is the climax scene.Kelly Hu says that he will die when he face the conflict with the villain.

Then he overcome that prediction and kill the villain.His new colleagues done very good job at that scene.Fantastic action at here.The Rock takes the new height at his first action film.

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Rating: 4.0/5

Wednesday, April 16, 2008



This is my favourite film.Because lot of action and this film starts and ends with a good message.
In the beginning they showed the comparison between gun and The Holy Cross,which is good.

It also starts with the birth of Hellboy(Ron Pearlman).He had been undertaken by the Professer (John Hurt) in BPRD (Bureau of Parnanormal Research & Defense).
Introduction of John Myers shown as good and he can be viewed as interference between Liz Sherman (Selma Blair) and Hellboy.The first fight between evil monster and Hellboy is great,especially on the traffic the car flying by the Doom hand of Hellboy.In later scenes Abe Sapien absent from some actions.

After some time Professor and some BPRD members killed by Villain.This is the sad part of the movie.Finally, they travelling to Russia and finding the secrets.The battle between against Kroenen , more evil monsters against Hellboy and finally the explosion by Liz rescues them.

They captured by villain and he instruct to destroy the world.John Myers does a good job,remebering the Professor by throwing the Holy Cross to Hellboy.He knows everything what is good and band.All evil things beaten down.This film shows which will win peace or violence.

They showed correctly.


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Resident Evil 3: Extinction Review

Resident Evil 3:Extinction _review

Alice (Milla Jovovich) comes with a different look.Here less dominance was given to Alice because most part of the film contains the sad things such as the world at the verge of survival,Alice friends were die one by one.

She travels in the desert America,fights with zombies and find here friends.When she met her friends ,the crows attacting them ,all of the birds burn on there was amazing.
Her some super powers are shown and tracking from her eye by the villain somehow accepted.Because it is the science fiction movie.Alice's fighting style and finishing move were great.

There is no comic scene and good things are happen till the end.Only Ali Tator and a few escapes from that desert,some main characters killed like Mike etc.

At the end,Umbrella chief also infected by the T-Virus,then Alice fight against him.She got glory by the another Alice clone.

Finally many clones are in production.One clone unleashed which holds the expectation to the sequel.If it will happen?!

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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Kill Bill vol.1_Review

Kill Bill vol.1_Review

Non linear scenes in this film makes some expectation to the audience.

Each chapter contains the piece having story of The Bride
(Uma Thurman).Introduction ot bad guys are good but they hidden the main villain Bill.

Music and sound effects are great.Lucy Liu shown as
merciles woman especially in the meeting scene,while cutting the head of a guy.

After The Bride gone to Tokyo,the film having some
action for the ending of part 1.

She learns some sword arts and going
to revenge.In the climax and also beginning lot of bloody violence takes place.

Plugging the eye of a Japanese guy by Uma Thurman, I
have astonished!.

At last Lucy Liu killed and The Bride gives some
words ot Sophey.
Then ends with a suspense.I expected Vol.2 .It will
have some more action than this one,I assume.
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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Basic Instinct_Review

Basic Instinct_Review

Much more adult oriented content appears entirely in this film.Nudity
scenes and words like fu*k,pu*sy can be avoided.Michael Douglas & Sharon Stone were performed well.Unpredictable murders and chasing the killer were nice.Particularly the investigation scene with Sharon Stone at the beginning is attractive for male viewers.In that scene Sharon Stone's clear speech and style to hide the truth are wonderful.

The police guys except Michael Douglas were not having
more contribution for searching the killer.Attempting to kill Michael Douglas by Sharon Stone which was she cannot do it by the affection on him are sentimental.

The coupling scenes between the two and not
killing Michael Douglas,the film ends.It is suitable for adult audiences not for under 18.
Rating: 3.8/5

Monday, March 10, 2008

Inu Yasha:Affections touching across Time

Inu Yasha:Affections touching across Time_Review

From the beginning of this movie is packed with action of Inu Yasha and his group with the demon.Sesshoumaru plays the few second role in this anime film.

When the film goes after some minutes Inu yasha and his colleages battles against their beloved ones.This is the emotional part of the film.
Particularly the chasing scene between Kagome (jewel sharp on her head) and Inu Yasha is more sentimental touch.And finally when normal mode returned on their colleages,Inu Yasha rise again.
He defeats all major demons with the help of Kagome,Miroku and Sango etc.Nice animation , sound effects and emotional touches are excellent.Truly enjoyable movie for two hours.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

John Rambo IV: Review

John Rambo IV: Review

In this film the Myanmar government have been showed very cruely.
John Rambo appeared as a smarter guy like the previous parts.There is the same story line happened like in the previous two parts.
Those military guys are more rude ,violent,unforgiving and brutal.John Rambo have speaked less in this film and after the intervel he showed more action.

There are some scenes can be avoided like breaking the neck by Rambo and Command Chief with the boy.They are for only adult oriented people.Previous Rambo films can be watched with the family but it is not.

Final chapter of this film have filled with more blood and Rambo rescued a few people by his adventure.Though for every beginning there must be a end like this John Rambo returned to his Ville has finally showed.This is my lost of expections for the upcoming parts.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Aliens Vs Predator: Requiem - Review

AvP:R Review:

From the last film ,the story taken place was just good.In entire film they showed only one predator I expected multiple predators with lot of action.

Here they didnot told about what happened to the predator king and other creatures in that ship.

The place taken for the battle can be choosen as desert,forest anything like this,but here they chose the village somewhere in US.This does not I like.The new creature showed as predalien from the last sequel was very cruel, especially in the hospital scene.They can be avoided that.

Most fight have been taken at the tunnel except the climax.I expected lot of action packed than previous film but this didnot satisfied me.

Less action and story .