Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Scorpion King_Review

The Scorpion King_Review

One of the WWE's Wrestling legend, The Rock's first film really rocks.Mathayas (The Rock) first comes with a good action packed scene and rescues his colleagues.

He taking the project to kidnap the girl(Kelly Hu) who says the future events.The villain having that girl (Kelly Hu)and he want to rule the entire world .On thing I want to question at this point,whether the villain having the power to defeat all over the world or by predictions of Kelly?

In the kidnapping scene some friends of Mathayas captured by army.They were killed and Mathayas only released by the help of Kelly.Why did she rescue him?she knows only he can defeat the villain?.I don't know they this story in this film.

Kelly Hu dressed like a miser girl.It does not appeal like a queen of that kingdom.Mathayas takes some battles,one of the most notable fight is the climax scene.Kelly Hu says that he will die when he face the conflict with the villain.

Then he overcome that prediction and kill the villain.His new colleagues done very good job at that scene.Fantastic action at here.The Rock takes the new height at his first action film.

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Rating: 4.0/5