Tuesday, February 23, 2010

King Kong(2005)

Latest version of old King Kong movie roars good in front audience.Same storyline is picked from the previous King Kong films.A young lady(Naomi Watts) and her team made a voyage inside a dense jungle.She fall in love with her crew member Jack Driscoll.They meet many troubles from man eaters,wild creatures ,dinosaurs and even King Kong.

That giant Gorilla likes Naomi watts but she frighten when approaching.King Kong protects and take care of her.Two of them meet many troubles from wild animals to insects etc.Finally their team rescues her from King Kong.One of the camera man wants make money from that giant animal.

The camera man succeeds taking King Kong on the city.His merciless heart shown in that stage.When King Kong broken from the cell,it identifies Naomi Watts.But the government forces are trying to control King Kong.He climbs on top of the Empire State building,but they are still chasing him by Airplanes etc.Finally King Kong meets his end while Naomi Watts watching it.

In this movie,they introduced many threats not only from King Kong,but from ancient dinosaurs,big insects,vampire bats and man eaters etc.The fight between King Kong and Dinosaurs is a must watch.All type of audience will like this film.


Monday, February 22, 2010

Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde (1932)

This classic version of Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde will not frighten the today's audience.This silent film is also taken good at that time.The story of Dr.Jekyll who invents the medicine to transform a man into beasty creature.He succeeds it and test with himself.

At certain times,he transforms into ugly Mr.Hyde.The people in the town are frightened about Mr.Hyde.Finally the people in that city reveals his identity and he meet his end.

This film taught us the dual nature of human who can good and bad at certain times.When a man/woman meet their certain life situations they become good or evil.This thought must be agreed.

Rating: 2.0/5.0

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Shadow

Past life of Cranston(Alec Baldwin) is shown in the starting of this film.That disobedient life in an Asian region,gives him some lessons by the monks.He confronts with Tulku who is the monk with some powers.Tulku sends his living knife against Cranston and forcing him to good.Then he learns some powerful skills and returns to America.

There he met Margo Lane(Penelope Ann Miller)her father and etc.In appropriate times,he transforms into the Shadow and fight against the atrocities.He meet his villain Khan who has hypnotic and other powers.At the final stage,the Shadow meets two troubles with an nuclear weapon and against Khan.

Margo Lane and her father fixing the nuclear weapon problem and saved the city.During this time Shadow searches Khan in a mirror house.The Shadow lost his power and became Cranston.There he meet his old enemy which is the living knife.He fight against it and also Khan.Finally he succeed over him and Khan lost his hypnotic power.Then Cranston and Margo Lane engange in a happy life.

The special effects,animation of living knife and appearance & disappearance of Shadow are good.In the final battle between Khan and Cranston in the mirror house is a must watch.

Rating: 4.0/5.0

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Beauty and the Beast

I think that most of the readers are known about his fairy tale which could be told in their childhood.The story in this film starts as the Prince was cursed by a witch who transforms him into ugly beast and give him the solution for getting the old state.The Beast waiting for the beloved heart who can free him from this curse.

The inventor Maurice in that village visits the land of Beast and doing things which is prohibiting by Beast in that area.So he arrests Maurice.Marice's daughter Belle who is the young beautiful girl in that area comes to rescue her father.At first moments she frightened by the Beast's ugly face etc.Later she finds the good heart inside him.

They exchange love and romance and understood each other.Finally when the curse become permanent to him,Belle fall in love with him while the Beast was in bad conditions.Then the Beast transforms into old state as the handsome Prince.They become good couple and enjoying the life.

The eye catching animation and story must be appreciated.In the ball room dance in the final stage,they showed all the people are watching happily and ends the movie.I missed this movie in my childhood.So I watched this at my adult hood.

Rating: 4.0/5.0

Friday, February 19, 2010

Terminator III: Rise of the Machines

According to Terminator in the previous,the Judgment Day happened in few year before is not yet over.Still there is a threat exist against young John Conner and his mate Kate Brewster.

Again a newly programmed Terminator(Arnold Schwarzenegger) come to rescue both of them.Their enemy T-X(Kristanna Loken) is much more stronger than Terminator.The female bodied machine chases three of them to destroy the mankind in the future.

The T-X machine can't kill both her targets,but hugely damages the Terminator.At the final stage,Terminator destroy T-X and also himself.Then the war begins between the mankind and machines.The film ends at the beginning of war.

T-X machine role performed by Kristanna Loken is very nice.She doesn't showed any sign as human being in her face and behaviours.Arnold also done his character well like Kristanna.The special effects of both these characters are unrealistic and they fit for them.The Terminator sequels going like series,and expecting the good outcome for the mankind.Definately,this film should satisfy the action film fans.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Terminator II: Judgement Day

Many years after the incidents happened in Terminator(previous film),Sarah Connor and his son John Conner again meet the troubles.John Conner who is the boy enjoying his boyhood is unaware about his future role.

Two machines from the future sent to current situation.T-1000 machine is to kill Sarah Conner and John Conner and another Terminator(Arnorld Schwarzenegger) to protect both Saran and John Conner.

While attempting to release Sarah Conner from her prison those two machines collides each other.T-1000 chases three of them until the climax.In a steel mil,Terminator killing himself and his enemy also and successfully saved Sarah and John Conner.

Terminator role suit nicely for Arnold and here he is not villain,here done his job as a Hero.The special effects for T-1000 machine is fantastic.The detective who appeared in previous film also come this sequel for few seconds.Chasing each other,gun fights and courage of Terminator must be watched.

Rating: 4.2/5.0

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Beyond 30 years,the artificial intelligence machines,making the way to destroy the mankind.Only the future born fighter who is still not born can lead the fight against the machines.That child's mother is Sarah Conor(Linda Hamilton).So to kill her the Terminator(Arnold Schwarzenegger) cyborg sent from the future.Also to protect her a human Kyle Reese(Michael Biehn) being landed in Los Angeles.

Terminator chases Sarah Conor and killing many women who bear the same name.When identifying his real target,Reese come to rescue and protect her.The fight between the men and machine continues.Reese told all about her and his child's future and upcoming holocaust against the human race.

Some police officers and detectives arrested Reese and Sarah Conor in the car chase.Terminator coming back to police station,attacking officers and looking to kill his targets.He failed in that attempt and killed by Reese.In that final stage,Kyle Reese also killed himself and successfully rescued Sarah Conor.

In this film the story is unrealistic and imaginative.The action performed by Terminator is amazing.Arnold played his Anti-hero role here,not a Villain.His words while attacking police station, "I will be back" is sounds good.Special effects, fight scenes and stunt are performed good.

Rating: 3.9/5.0

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gullivers Travels

I heard this tale when I was child.Curiously I watched this film at the age of 22!.This animated classic tale is told very good in this movie.Most of the animated film viewers saw this film,I assume.

Gulliver who sailed his boat lands in an island as an accident.He was unconcious in that land.In that country,the little dwarfs are living and having few kingdoms.First a little dwarf saw Gulliver and misunderstand him as the giant.

All people in that dwarf land,watching Gulliver as giant with exclamation.Soon they talk to them,hand shaking with that people and they become friends.Gulliver observes that country,their culture and even helping those people.

During this time,a young couple loving each from different territories.They making romance and sing along together.Suddenly the war broken between two kingdoms.People are suffering due to this fight.The young couple are also meeting troubles and tragedy.

Gulliver stops those people who engaged in war with his advice and help.Those two kingdoms accept their faults and bringing the peaceful nations to their people.These advice on war are suitable to current situation also.This classic movie contains few humor and happy moments.Animated/Cartoon film fans and especially Children will like this film.

Rating: 3.6/5.0

Monday, February 15, 2010


I watched the animated series of this jungle king Tarzan.But in the series,they showed few details about Tarzan's child life and past memories.In this whole film,they revealed about Tarzan,where did he came from,who are his fathers and how he become the jungle man etc.

A young couple(Tarzan's father and mother) came to the coastal area after facing the ship damages.Their life become tragedy by the cruel animals such as leopards etc.But Tarzan rescued by the female guerilla and it becomes his step mother.The leader of the guerilla do not recognize Tarzan.

During boyhood stage,Tarzan makes so many animals as his close friends.His adventures and joyful life are going fine.When he attains the adult hood,the young Jane and his father came to jungle for animals research.When Tarzan meet Jane few times,they fell in love.Also Tarzan saves Jane and his father during dangerous situations.

Assistant of Janes' father making jealous of Tarzan because Tarzan attracted Jane.Tarzan facing many enemies such as that cruel assistant,the big guerilla leader and leopards etc.At the end of the movie,Jane and his father decided to return to their country.But the love between Tarzan and Jane joining them at they become couple in the jungle.

Particulary children will like this film very much.The funny moments in boyhood stage of Tarzan will make joy among all audience.

Rating: 3.8/5.0

Sunday, February 14, 2010


From the past memory of hundred year old lady Rose Dawson Clavert(Starring Kate Winslet),the story begins after researching the sunken ship of Titanic in the last century.An artist named Jack(Starring Leonordo Dicarpio was curious to travel in that mega ship without knowing the future disaster.

At the ship,Jack met Rose in her sucide attempt and saves her.But the soldiers misunderstanding him that it as the attempt to rape her.Rose solve them with positive statement.Their intimate love and romance begins in several places.But the wealthy family of Rose and her fiance'(Billy Zane) don't accept it.

Her fiance'(Caledon Cal starred by Billy Zane) charged a theft of jewellery against innocent Jack.Jack arrested and sent into imprisonment.This time,the ship meets its disaster.Rose rescues Jack from that cell.They run to safe places.But her fiance' chases them with a gun.

The final movements comes to even worse.Most of the lives in the ship lost due to damged ship.Only a lifeboat comes to rescue Jack and Rose.But in the final stage only Rose can survivor in that environment.

The Captain of the ship shown very honest at the final movements .Frozen body of Jack while sinking inside the ocean is miserable.This film got 11 Oscar Awards also this film is worth to many awards.

Rating: 4.2/5.0

To All of the Readers and people Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ghost Rider

Nicolas Cage takes the character of young Johny Blaze who will become the Ghost Rider in this film.His boyhood life,love and romance and his aims are shown shortly in the first scenes.After several years he lost contact with his lover.He want to make big achievement to cross the number of helicopters by driving the bike on air.He got success in that attempt.

Later and before that achievement,he needed to do another task as Ghost Rider.He refusing few times.But later the situations are dragging him to become Ghost Rider who will conquer the evils.Ghost Rider times are happening while the evils strike back.He facing many enemies and even the local legal authorities are chasing him.He finally destructing all of the evil forces with his powers.

Special effects during the appearance of Ghost Rider are fantastic.Particularly when the Ghost Rider driving his bike against the big building and fighting at the roof of that building and revolving/driving the bike across the river side are great.I didn't observed whether the Ghost Rider identity revealed to the public or not.It was only known to his lover.

For the action movie fans and super hero enthusiasts this movie will not dissapoint them.All of the special effects are eye catching and made very realistic.


Friday, February 12, 2010

Rambo III

In this third sequel of Rambo,the Army officer who appeared in first and second parts of Rambo movies was held as prisoner in Afghanistan by enemy forces.So Rambo took the job to release him and other prisoner in that desert country.

He meet many colleagues among that tribal people and making good allies.Rambo meet many obstacles,challenges and adventures in the rescue operation.Through this film,the audience can know about the armed situation of Afghanistan.Even a boy holding a weapon in that country.

Finally his rescue mission successfully completed.In this film there is no love,romance and sentiments.Rambo made good friends in that country and leave them with heavy heart.Gun fights,explosions and strikes are happening often in this film.

I eagerly watched this film,but dissapointed that the action scenes are similar to that of previous part which was filmed in South East,but this filmed in Middle East.I think every action film fans will like this third movie of John Rambo and his adventure journey.

Rating: 4.0/5.0

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rambo II

This time,Rambo appears in South East Asian country.He was assigned to do a operation to rescue the prisoners held in that place.Rambo made his tough journey and rescued them.But later he knew that he and fellow prisoners were betrayed.

Rambo and his men caught by enemy forces and became tortured by them.Rambo's former rebel companion rescues him.That rebel companion was a young beautiful woman.They fell in love certain time.Unfortunately,Rambo's lover killed by an enemy.She become dead on his hands.

After cremation of his lover,Rambo makes revenge against army.Rambo destroys army vehicles,makes traps and hide outs and preparing weapons and ammunitions.In his adventure journey he meets many obstacles and finally return to his friendly army head quarters.At there he meet his former enemy who was a Sheriff he met in previous film.

He makes harsh statements and blames all of them.He submitting the prisoners he rescued from the enemy forces.The adventure path of Rambo and his rebel life,his thoughts are shown justifiable.The sad part of the movie is the love life of Rambo when he meet a female rebel is ending very fast.Anyhow,it is the good movie for action movie fans and alike.

Rating: 4.0/5.0

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rambo: First Blood

John Rambo's debut starts from this movie.Young John Rambo(Sylvester Stallone) return to his old town and want to meet his former neighbours and friends.Unluckily he cannot find most of them.As a orphan he walking several places of the town.

The Sheriff in town,warns few times,but Rambo don't fear about it.That strict police officer put Rambo in police custody.Sheriff and his fellow police men want to teach some lessons to Rambo.But he resists and fight against them.

He went to the dense jungles.The Sheriff and police men try to catch him,but they failed in that attempt.Rambo successfully made traps and hide outs to fight against them.His rebel life continues inside the jungle.

Finally,Rambo enter into a ammunition godown and preparing many weapons.The operation to hunt Rambo continues till there.Then an Army officer come to talk with him.In front him,Rambo cries and justifying his intentions.John Rambo forgiven by the authorities and they didn't confirmed that whether he returned to his normal life or not.

Sudden traps and hiding life like a rebel,Rambo made a good rebellion model of himself.I liked this film very much.

Rating: 4.0/5.0

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Alladin ang King of Thieves

This film's director combined few fairy tales from middle east and west.Alladin appears as normal like in the animated series.Now he faces new villains and meet more adventures.The fourty thieves are robbing certain places and they fight with Alladin.Then Alladin idetifies the gang leader who is his own father.

The journey of thieves continue to find the golden hand which will make anything gold after touched by it.They finally got that with some adventures and finally it was lost.The normal situation of the town restored by Alladin and his allies.

They mixed humor and adventures with characters such as Genie,Iago and Abu and etc.The big character Genie did only the comic part of the movie.The adventure part is played by Alladin and his magic carpet,Abu and Iago.

This entire movie can be easily understood by children and anyone.The dialogues voiced here are very clear and there is no slang.

Rating: 3.5/5.0

Monday, February 8, 2010

Blade Trinity

Blood path of vampires and conquering them continues as series.This time Blade(Starring Wesley Snipes) has few allies(Jessica Bell and Ryan Reynolds) to fight against the evils.But Blade captured all action against the evil vampires.

The comic book character shown as like in comics ,animation and stories.Characteristics and properties of vampires are shown well.Blade is also a vampire but he was from mixed couples.He took the job to hunt the vampires and to save the world.

Vampire king and their companions are shown as evil as possible.Particularly WWE Wrestler Triple H(Starred as Jarko Grimwood) appeared as their fellow vampire.I am one of a fan Triple H.But in this film he appeared in very short time frame.

After certain bloody battles,Blade and his allies going to conquer the Vampire king.He successfully finish his job and saved the world.

Fight scenes and stunts are not bad.They could showed this film with more graphics and few animations.They also didn't showed the past life of Blade.That may be included.Anyhow it is a good film worth to watch by comic fans and action film enthusiasts alike.

Rating: 3.0/5.0

Sunday, February 7, 2010

TMNT (2007)

This 3D version of Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles performed their action well against the evil forces.In this film,they showed new friends,allies and monstrous evils etc.The first scene shows the evil emperor's history and his curse for long ages.

After making good job for people,turtles are appearing before the audience.Each character shown with its appropriate action,weapons,tactics and behaviour etc.To put an end to the curse of evil emperor for long decades,he need certain amount of monsters.So his commanders and soldiers are capturing that different monsters at different times.

While capturing few monsters,the turtles are interferring with them.With some conflicts they captured all monsters except a tiny one.Instead of that monster those evil commanders made a substitute(Turtle).

The evil emperor knows the mistake and correct and he become a biggest evil to rule the world.Anyhow the turtles and their commander(A Rat) and allies defeat those bad guys and successfully saved the world.

The final confrontation contains many graphic scenes and can't observe the few fight scenes.Entire story and animation is played very good.Especially for the children it is a good to watch and also fit for general audience.

Rating 3.5/4.0

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Brave Heart

I am one of the fan of Mel Gibson from my boyhood age .I watched eagerly this movie at local languange(Tamil) in my leisure.Mel Gibson acted and directed good in this film.Many people nowadays are not known the Scottish Independence movement happened about many hundred years ago.Mel Gibson pictured that revolution,rebels and people at that time.

In first few scenes ,he showed the people and need for rebellion movements.The rebel character(William Wallace) starring Mel Gibson is shown very good.His love life and romance are ending very fast with tragedy and fight.

The Queen who shown in this film ,was eager to know about William Wallace.She didn't know much about him.William Wallace forms a good group of rebels and fought few times with governing authorities.

In the final war,Wallace defeated by English army and taken as prisoner.At last he was executed at London before the people and his fellow rebels.Mel Gibson potrayed the Freedom Struggle and the rebel Leader in very good.His final thought before execution shows the Freedom voice of his people.I liked this move very much.


Rating: 4.0/5.0

Friday, February 5, 2010

Crimson Tide

I watched this movie latenight at a TV channel.In the first scenes,they showing scenes about global conflicts,complex issues US facing at that time and also Cold War.That time,a military officer(Starring Denzel Washington) and Navy commander (Gene Hackman) travelling in a nuclear submarine to do a particular work assigned to them.

During this time there were some spoken conflicts occurs between Denzel Washington and Gene Hackman about using the nuclear weapon against the enemy.So the mutiny among the soldiers happen due to seperation of two commanders.

By these conflicts few lives are lost in that submarine and harsh words and actions are continue inside there.Finally Denzel Washington stopped the usage of nuclear weapon from Gene Hackman.

Throughout this film,Gene Hackman is very eager to use nuclear weapon against enemies.He also shares his past experiences in war.During the eating time Denzel Washington shares his thoughts about war.Particulary I liked the sentences "In the nuclear world,the real enemy is war itself" from Denzel Washington.

There is no feelings about love and relationships because it is a action movie.Anyhow it is a good movie which shows about war and peace a little bit.

Rating: 3.5/5