Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rambo II

This time,Rambo appears in South East Asian country.He was assigned to do a operation to rescue the prisoners held in that place.Rambo made his tough journey and rescued them.But later he knew that he and fellow prisoners were betrayed.

Rambo and his men caught by enemy forces and became tortured by them.Rambo's former rebel companion rescues him.That rebel companion was a young beautiful woman.They fell in love certain time.Unfortunately,Rambo's lover killed by an enemy.She become dead on his hands.

After cremation of his lover,Rambo makes revenge against army.Rambo destroys army vehicles,makes traps and hide outs and preparing weapons and ammunitions.In his adventure journey he meets many obstacles and finally return to his friendly army head quarters.At there he meet his former enemy who was a Sheriff he met in previous film.

He makes harsh statements and blames all of them.He submitting the prisoners he rescued from the enemy forces.The adventure path of Rambo and his rebel life,his thoughts are shown justifiable.The sad part of the movie is the love life of Rambo when he meet a female rebel is ending very fast.Anyhow,it is the good movie for action movie fans and alike.

Rating: 4.0/5.0