Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Shadow

Past life of Cranston(Alec Baldwin) is shown in the starting of this film.That disobedient life in an Asian region,gives him some lessons by the monks.He confronts with Tulku who is the monk with some powers.Tulku sends his living knife against Cranston and forcing him to good.Then he learns some powerful skills and returns to America.

There he met Margo Lane(Penelope Ann Miller)her father and etc.In appropriate times,he transforms into the Shadow and fight against the atrocities.He meet his villain Khan who has hypnotic and other powers.At the final stage,the Shadow meets two troubles with an nuclear weapon and against Khan.

Margo Lane and her father fixing the nuclear weapon problem and saved the city.During this time Shadow searches Khan in a mirror house.The Shadow lost his power and became Cranston.There he meet his old enemy which is the living knife.He fight against it and also Khan.Finally he succeed over him and Khan lost his hypnotic power.Then Cranston and Margo Lane engange in a happy life.

The special effects,animation of living knife and appearance & disappearance of Shadow are good.In the final battle between Khan and Cranston in the mirror house is a must watch.

Rating: 4.0/5.0