Tuesday, February 23, 2010

King Kong(2005)

Latest version of old King Kong movie roars good in front audience.Same storyline is picked from the previous King Kong films.A young lady(Naomi Watts) and her team made a voyage inside a dense jungle.She fall in love with her crew member Jack Driscoll.They meet many troubles from man eaters,wild creatures ,dinosaurs and even King Kong.

That giant Gorilla likes Naomi watts but she frighten when approaching.King Kong protects and take care of her.Two of them meet many troubles from wild animals to insects etc.Finally their team rescues her from King Kong.One of the camera man wants make money from that giant animal.

The camera man succeeds taking King Kong on the city.His merciless heart shown in that stage.When King Kong broken from the cell,it identifies Naomi Watts.But the government forces are trying to control King Kong.He climbs on top of the Empire State building,but they are still chasing him by Airplanes etc.Finally King Kong meets his end while Naomi Watts watching it.

In this movie,they introduced many threats not only from King Kong,but from ancient dinosaurs,big insects,vampire bats and man eaters etc.The fight between King Kong and Dinosaurs is a must watch.All type of audience will like this film.