Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gullivers Travels

I heard this tale when I was child.Curiously I watched this film at the age of 22!.This animated classic tale is told very good in this movie.Most of the animated film viewers saw this film,I assume.

Gulliver who sailed his boat lands in an island as an accident.He was unconcious in that land.In that country,the little dwarfs are living and having few kingdoms.First a little dwarf saw Gulliver and misunderstand him as the giant.

All people in that dwarf land,watching Gulliver as giant with exclamation.Soon they talk to them,hand shaking with that people and they become friends.Gulliver observes that country,their culture and even helping those people.

During this time,a young couple loving each from different territories.They making romance and sing along together.Suddenly the war broken between two kingdoms.People are suffering due to this fight.The young couple are also meeting troubles and tragedy.

Gulliver stops those people who engaged in war with his advice and help.Those two kingdoms accept their faults and bringing the peaceful nations to their people.These advice on war are suitable to current situation also.This classic movie contains few humor and happy moments.Animated/Cartoon film fans and especially Children will like this film.

Rating: 3.6/5.0