Sunday, February 7, 2010

TMNT (2007)

This 3D version of Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles performed their action well against the evil forces.In this film,they showed new friends,allies and monstrous evils etc.The first scene shows the evil emperor's history and his curse for long ages.

After making good job for people,turtles are appearing before the audience.Each character shown with its appropriate action,weapons,tactics and behaviour etc.To put an end to the curse of evil emperor for long decades,he need certain amount of monsters.So his commanders and soldiers are capturing that different monsters at different times.

While capturing few monsters,the turtles are interferring with them.With some conflicts they captured all monsters except a tiny one.Instead of that monster those evil commanders made a substitute(Turtle).

The evil emperor knows the mistake and correct and he become a biggest evil to rule the world.Anyhow the turtles and their commander(A Rat) and allies defeat those bad guys and successfully saved the world.

The final confrontation contains many graphic scenes and can't observe the few fight scenes.Entire story and animation is played very good.Especially for the children it is a good to watch and also fit for general audience.

Rating 3.5/4.0