Saturday, April 19, 2008

Kill Bill Vol.2 _Review

In previous vol.1 ,The Bride finished two bad guys.Now she want to revenge all five of them.I expected that this will having lot of bloody violence.But that was not happened.

The Bride( Uma thurman) past things explained as good beginning.She and Bill (David Carradin) were talked good,but why did he does like that.Whether Bill want ot marry her? Bill's statement about that massacre event explained later.

When she entering to the house of Budd (Micheal Madson) and shot by the gun which is the sad thing.She remember inside the casket about her past training on Japan.Then she rise from the sand and walk for the revenge.Next day Budd was killed by the Elle Driver( Daryl Hannah).Here Elle having the good face and bad intentions.

An unexpected action happen this time that Elle and The Bride meet face to face.This is the only violent scene in this movie.When The Bride picks the last eye of Elle ,this is also unexpected for me.The climax is not good as in the previous Vol.1.

Unanticipated event that took athe last scene.Bill's cautious thinking was wonderful.The death of Bill is not good, it can be very cruel.In this movie more story told such as why she takes this revenge and her journey to find bad guys.
Must watch for those viewed the previous Vol.1.Two volumes of one movie which is splitted is the nice idea.
If you want to watch it take here on DVD.

Rating: 4.0/5