Sunday, March 23, 2008

Basic Instinct_Review

Basic Instinct_Review

Much more adult oriented content appears entirely in this film.Nudity
scenes and words like fu*k,pu*sy can be avoided.Michael Douglas & Sharon Stone were performed well.Unpredictable murders and chasing the killer were nice.Particularly the investigation scene with Sharon Stone at the beginning is attractive for male viewers.In that scene Sharon Stone's clear speech and style to hide the truth are wonderful.

The police guys except Michael Douglas were not having
more contribution for searching the killer.Attempting to kill Michael Douglas by Sharon Stone which was she cannot do it by the affection on him are sentimental.

The coupling scenes between the two and not
killing Michael Douglas,the film ends.It is suitable for adult audiences not for under 18.
Rating: 3.8/5

Monday, March 10, 2008

Inu Yasha:Affections touching across Time

Inu Yasha:Affections touching across Time_Review

From the beginning of this movie is packed with action of Inu Yasha and his group with the demon.Sesshoumaru plays the few second role in this anime film.

When the film goes after some minutes Inu yasha and his colleages battles against their beloved ones.This is the emotional part of the film.
Particularly the chasing scene between Kagome (jewel sharp on her head) and Inu Yasha is more sentimental touch.And finally when normal mode returned on their colleages,Inu Yasha rise again.
He defeats all major demons with the help of Kagome,Miroku and Sango etc.Nice animation , sound effects and emotional touches are excellent.Truly enjoyable movie for two hours.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

John Rambo IV: Review

John Rambo IV: Review

In this film the Myanmar government have been showed very cruely.
John Rambo appeared as a smarter guy like the previous parts.There is the same story line happened like in the previous two parts.
Those military guys are more rude ,violent,unforgiving and brutal.John Rambo have speaked less in this film and after the intervel he showed more action.

There are some scenes can be avoided like breaking the neck by Rambo and Command Chief with the boy.They are for only adult oriented people.Previous Rambo films can be watched with the family but it is not.

Final chapter of this film have filled with more blood and Rambo rescued a few people by his adventure.Though for every beginning there must be a end like this John Rambo returned to his Ville has finally showed.This is my lost of expections for the upcoming parts.